Rugged Technology for Any Environment

Any readers who routinely find themselves out in the wilderness or at sea for whatever reason will discover that they have need of some rugged handheld and rugged PDA equipment. Such equipment will have to be capable of enduring extreme environments and weather. Blazepoint is the company that offers such a line up of technological devices which are built to perform well in such extreme weather conditions and harsher environments, all the while demonstrating their critical abilities of operating on third party and legacy systems.

Blazepoint’s ndura RUGGED® line of high technology products is made up of such rugged pda’s, rugged handheld tablets, rugged laptops, rugged displays, TEMPEST products, rugged peripherals, and rugged printers. They also carry specially designed and manufactured systems for mounting and racking equipment. The ndura RUGGED® collection clearly shows off the central design and strengths of engineering present in Blazepoint’s products. They showcase the firm’s focused comprehension of the difficult operating environment and the people who use technology there.

All of these products carried in the line are designed and manufactured to Military, Environmental, and EMC specifications. They meet the regulatory requirements, as well. These products provide the operating versatility and dependability needed for continued high standards of performing while in the wilderness. The technical capabilities of the products are strengthened by a twenty five year history of providing quality after sales support in continuance of supply, life cycle management, and obsolescence management.

The company’s rugged products are intended for the military, emergency services, transportation, civil contingencies, government, marine, utilities, gas and oil exploration, and construction uses and applications. All of these customers are secure knowing that the products vended by Blazepoint operate properly the first time, each and every time. Proof of this claim lies in the repeat business of around the world customers, as well as the deliveries of a great number of both major military and commercial types of projects. Regardless of whether the device application is intended for airborne, ground mobile, marine, or shipboard use, these individuals rely on rugged handheld devices which will provide resilient and durable high performance and data protection.

Blazepoint’s rugged PDA’s are literally altering the means that people use to communicate in a number of different ways. Sir Ronnie Flanagan claimed in his Final report of the Review of Policing dated February 7, 2008 that, “One force estimates that they have saved fifty-one minutes per front line officer through the use of handheld PDA’s.”

Blazepoint’s rugged PDA’s feature an intensely rugged design, showcasing flexible data and communication capture. As a member of the rugged lineup, such computers measure up to every tough environmental requirement of MIL-STD-810F. They possess the capabilities to handle a wide range of essential roles, such as being able to download data collected while in the field on to other systems. These intensely resilient models have been tested with numerous drops from five feet of height.

Blazepoint has provided COTS, or Commercial-Off-The-Shelf, and similar solutions of rugged tablets to both military and commercial types of customers since the year 1996. These rugged tablets have been in action on navy ships, have been utilized for aircraft ground support, and also have functioned as gun mounted applications. It does not matter if the uses are for airborne, ground mobile, marine, or shipboard applications, the individuals using the product rely on a rugged and portable computer tablet which will provide enduring and versatile high performance and data protection, as well.

The ndura RUGGED® tablet solution was utilized in the bowman program. This featured a £2.2 billion upgrade for British armed forces’ networks for communication. It included the use of Blazepoint rugged printers that were implemented into military training centers, military vehicles, helicopters, and vessels of the Royal Navy.

Cloud-Based Technology Comes to Graphics Software With Boxshot King

The world of graphics is both amazing and mysterious for most people. Amazing in that we tend to be impressed and dazzled at the images and special effects graphics software can produce – and mysterious in that most of us really have no idea how these software programs work. I mean, we’ve all heard of Adobe’s Photoshop – the supposed “gold standard” of graphics software. But have you ever sat down and tried to actually learn how to use it? I have – and it isn’t easy.

First of all you have to download a huge program file to your computer before you can even begin trying to actually use it. And large files like that have a decidedly negative impact on computer performance. Not only that, but once you begin, I hope you’re a very patient person because hours may go by with you still struggling to make just one cool thing happen on your computer screen.

So I was quite intrigued when I first heard that some new graphics software programs were not only becoming easier to learn and use – but that they were also using cloud-based technology, thus saving us the requirement to further fill-up and slow-down our hard drives by downloading the huge files heretofore required. Cloud-based technology itself sounds a little mysterious, but it’s really quite simple. Something that is cloud-based means it is accessed via the internet. In other words, you do not have to download it to your particular computer. Think of it more as a service that a physical product. Once you’ve paid or registered for the service, you can access it from any computer with an internet connection. I liked the sound of this so I began hunting around for such a graphics software.

That’s how I discovered the leader in this cutting-edge approach; it’s called Boxshot King. To use this graphics software you need merely login to their internet site. Once there, all of the templates and tools you need are immediately at your disposal. And what I particularly liked was that everything you produce with the software is saved to the cloud. In other words, if my computer dies, all my graphics work is saved in the Boxshot King servers. To recover whatever I’m looking for, I need merely login again. That’s pretty cool.

But once I started playing around with this software I discovered the coolest thing of all; it’s really easy to use. And I mean really easy. I watched a 7 minute training video – and 5 minutes later I had produced my first graphic image. And it was truly professional looking in every way. I used it to create an eBook cover, but it works for every conceivable platform.

So the bottom line is that not only is the cloud a very cool development for computer and internet technology – but it is changing the way things get done in the graphics world too – and for the better. Boxshot King may be the first graphics software to be in the cloud, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last.