Facebook Advertising by the Numbers

From a drunken web development initiative born out of heartache in a Harvard dorm to the social media phenomenon and the most powerful marketing tool that it is today – such is the evolution of Facebook. Especially now that search is getting more social, every search engine marketing company is trying to milk this Mark Zuckerberg genius for what it’s worth.For anyone who was able to watch the movie “Social Network,” one of the most memorable scenes in the move was when Zuckerberg didn’t want to monetize the site through advertisements yet. Well, this is very far from what is happening today. Every PPC marketing company knows how essential it is to use this platform for its ad campaigns.Let’s take a closer look into this social media giant and get a quick rundown of Facebook by the numbers.Facebook Ad NationsIt really comes as no surprise that the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany are the biggest spenders when it comes to Facebook advertising. No surprise as well that a PPC marketing company in these countries may be more sophisticated in terms of practices as compared to other countries. Demand hones skills. What’s clear with the data is that the percentage of the population on Facebook is not directly proportional to its ad spending in the said social medium.Groups, Pages and Apps more than DomainOne of the main differences between search engine PPC and Facebook advertising is that 42% of all Facebook ads don’t lead users to a landing page which is the usual conversion process a search engine marketing company would follow. This may probably because this social network is more of a soft sell advertising platform that is focused on engagement rather than an in-your-face sales tool.At the end of the day, the key takeaway here is that if you or your partner PPC marketing company is planning to launch a Facebook ad campaign, be sure that you have a highly engaging page where real conversations are taking place.The More Fun, the BetterAccording to data, gaming and gambling apps are the most popular apps on Facebook and these interactive platforms get a lot of traction. This is where the creativity of a search engine marketing company will be challenged. How do you leverage on people’s insatiable thirst for entertainment and develop a social media campaign based on this? It’s not impossible as many brands have already done this in the past with tremendous success. With every PPC marketing company almost looking like cookie cutter, innovation will be the main driver of success.Clearly, advertising on Facebook is a totally different sphere a forward-thinking PPC marketing company should master. The internet is becoming more and more social and having a strong advertising presence in online social networking giants such as Facebook is necessary to say the least.